The Dangers of Stress

The Cost of Stress

A Bloomberg Study finds SA is the world's 2nd most stressed country, after Nigeria. - 27 February 2015


One third of our population suffers from mental illness – and 75% of them will not receive treatment.

R38.52 billion is the estimated loss to the SA economy in 2013 due to mental health issues.

SA’s sick state of mental health, The Sunday Times - 06 July 2014


Sick leave is up 466% since 2000 The SA economy has lost R55.2 billion due to sickness since 2000. - 10 September 2013



From a personal, corporate and national point of view, stress is very costly and very dangerous. Stress has reached epidemic proportions in our country and even where there is sometimes little outward evidence of damage, people in all areas of society are under threat. This is a critical situation, with individuals and family structures breaking down, businesses losing a fortune, and a volcano brewing under the surface. It is vital that steps are taken to address and overcome this killer.


Below are some alarming international stress facts...


  • Stress is recognized worldwide as the number one proxy killer disease today. It is called a proxy disease because most often than not, stress, as the real cause of the illness, is undetected on the cellular level!


  • It is estimated that American businesses lose approximately $ 200-300 billion (R 1 500-2 250 billion) per year to stress related productivity loss and the treatment costs.


  • Every week, 95 million Americans suffer some kind of stress related symptoms for which they take medication.


  • A 20-year study conducted by the University of London concluded that unmanaged reactions to stress were a more dangerous risk factor for cancer and heart disease than cigarette smoking or high cholesterol foods.


  • A survey of 201 US corporations revealed that 60% of all managers felt that stress related illness was pervasive among their workers and decreased productivity at an estimated cost of 16 days of sick leave and $ 8 000

     (R 60 000) per person per year.


  • A study, conducted by the University of Nottingham and Ulster University, with 17 000 civil servants, found incidents of work-related stress swelled by 40% as the economy worsened, affecting 1 in 4 workers. As a result the number of people taking time off work increased by 25% from 2005 to 2009.

Stress Related Disease

Stress is the No 1 killer in the world. 80% of all illness and 80% of all pharmaceutical prescriptions are stress related! Some of the health issues that are caused by stress include...


  • depression

  • heart disease

  • cancer

  • diabetes

  • asthma

  • high blood pressure

  • immune disease

  • stomach problems

  • sexual dysfunction

  • sleep disorders...


to name a few! The good news is that laughter has been scientifically proven to be one of the most effective known stress busters.


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