Health Benefits of Laughter

The human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter.

Against the assault of laughter nothing can stand.

Mark Twain



Laughter truly is the best medicine, the quickest way to increase your joy and happiness levels – and is actually the antidote to stress. In a nutshell – the chemistry of stress poisons our bodies, affecting us body, soul and spirit. Laughter literally, chemically, proven scientifically, ‘almost instantaneously reduces levels of stress hormones’ (Dr Caroline Leaf, Cognitive Neuroscientist). No jokes… laughter can transform lives, business and the world... but we need to wield our weapon of laughter against the killer that stress is.


Some of the health benefits of laughter include...


Cardio Workout


Laughter exercises the cardiovascular system by offering a fun and powerful aerobic and cardio workout. Some call it inner jogging as it affects all the major organs.


Pain Relief

Laughter releases endorphins, which are natural painkillers and what we like to call our

happy juice.

Improved Health


Laughter helps to prevent illness by boosting the immune system, reducing cholesterol and blood sugar, and controlling blood pressure. It relieves abdominal disorders and has been known to improve fertility.

General Well-Being


Aerobic laughter is the only exercise to have a fast and powerful positive effect on our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

The Best Medicine


Laughing will lift your mood, reduce stress, make you healthier, help you bond with people and activate the empathy systems in your brain. Dr Caroline Leaf

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