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Joy on The JoyRide

Painting by Johan Meyer at

Breakthru Life Church -

Come Away with Me My Beloved

On 14 October 2016, I had the privilege of interviewing Joy Gauld on the show. She was such an inspiration as she shared how her faith had grown and sustained her during her journey with cancer.

Sadly, Joy passed away on 19 May 2017 and, although she will always be missed by her wonderful family and friends, her suffering is over and she is happily dancing with her Beloved Lord Jesus. The painting above was in the church during her memorial service... what a beautiful image it portrayed, of Joy running towards Him.

With the first anniversary of her graduation to glory approaching, I wanted to upload the interview as a tribute to Joy. I pray it will bless you as you listen, and that it will serve as a celebration of her life.

We don't always understand the mysteries of God, but as Joy says, "I do hope that people will take seriously God's promises!"

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