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Distracted employees cost SA businesses up to R89bn a year

Work trumps finances as main cause of stress for SA professionals

REVEALED: The mental illnesses costing SA billions

How much could your organisation be losing?

Stress Management

Laughter truly is the best medicine and has been scientifically proven to be one of the most effective known stress busters. Stress is the No 1 killer in the world… and laughter is actually the antidote to stress!


Studies show that over the last 100 years, adults laugh less and less, whilst incidents of stress and depression have dramatically increased. In addition to this, other studies suggest that happy people are healthier, more successful and live longer.


The challenge is… how does one manage to get enough of this miracle medicine?

The Dynamic Living Programme is the perfect way to introduce you and your organisation and employees to the transforming, and stress busting, power of joy and laughter.

Sue Jameson

We have had incredible feedback from our clients. Some of our clients and their employees enjoyed the sessions so much so that they asked her back into the office and also asked to have her attend all their branches nationwide with great success.


We can highly recommend Sue - her work ethic is impeccable and she is very professional, reliable and an absolute expert in her field. She really does spread joy across South Africa and according to us she is the No 1 in the field of laughter therapy and stress release.

Tiana Conradie, Director - Headspace-Events

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My #First Laughter Mob...

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My First Laughter Mob

sponsored by Vodacom

and Vodafone #Firsts


The Dynamic Living Programme...

The Dynamic Living Programme shows people how to laugh more… to take their medicine, and it provides practical tools and foundations that help people to manage stress, increase their happiness levels, improve their wellbeing and radically transform their lives!

For more information about Sue and the Dynamic Living Programme...


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Vodacom My #First Laughter Mob

Laugh anyway

Sue as seen on Gerry
ONE Gospel, DStv Channel 331

JOY Procession...

The last leg of our 2014 Joy Procession -
releasing Joy and Laughter through
the streets of JOYburg.

Do what you can, moment by moment, to make this world a better place. At moments of decision, choose the road that leads to more gratitude, kindness, forgiveness, honesty, love (and laughter) for the world.

Richard N Bolles