with Sue Jameson, Joy Activist and Laughter Coach

Stress is the #1 killer in the world - and even as believers, we are not immune to its effects.

We should, however, be shielded through the joy of the Lord. He empowers us!

This dynamic E-Course will show you how to

manage stress by accessing and harnessing

the transforming power of joy and laughter! 

In this world you will have trouble.

But cheer up! Take heart! Take courage!

I have overcome the world.

Jesus (John 16:33)


Video Worksheets

Laughter CD

Daily Cheermails

Live Online Individual Laughter Session

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This E-Course will have a positive and lasting impact on your life, and is also encouraged for small home or connect groups.

A video session will be sent each week via email

Session One   - WHY LAUGHTER : The dangers of stress and the benefits of laughter

Session Two   - LET'S HAVE A LAUGH : Practical laughter exercises and much laughter

Session Three - WEAPONS OF WARFARE : Foundations for Joy

Session Four   - LET'S LAUGH IT OFF : More laughter - using laughter as a weapon

The thief comes only to steal and kill

and destroy; I came that they may

have life, and have it abundantly.

John 10:10

About Sue Jameson

As a Joy Activist, Laughter Coach and Inspirational Speaker, Sue speaks and presents interactive workshops in churches, corporations, schools, colleges, hospitals, retirement homes and in many other groups. She grew up in a laughing family, has been researching laughter since 1997, trained in 2005 in South Africa as a Laughter Coach, and left her job in 2009 to pursue her calling and passion full-time.


She is the founder of the JOYburg City Transformation Initiative… and the global Joy Revolution… and her desire is to travel to the ends of the earth to share this transformational information.


What affects Sue deeply is lives half lived… potential not reached. She often quotes Henry David Thoreau, who said, ‘Most men (and women) lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.’ She believes she is called to make a difference in people’s lives… and has a great desire to help them find their ‘song’ - and their laughter.


Sue’s mandate is to be a ‘wake up call’ to the church -

to arise as the Warrior Bride… in intimacy and power.

Allow Sue to share her 20 years of research and experience of joy and laughter with you. She has addressed tens of thousands of people, and witnessed many lives being impacted and changed.

As I psychologist, I deal with depressed, stressed, traumatised and anxious people on a daily basis. One of the key things I encourage them to do more of (as part of their healing process) is to laugh more... laughter truly is the best medicine. As such, I can highly recommend Sue's laughter coaching course... it made me feel rejuvenated and motivated... like a weight had lifted off me. It really is so much fun and has enormous (mental and physical) health benefits... invest in yourself and download the course today! ~ Karen Lugg (Psychologist)

My back got completely healed after we laughed at it! ~ Dylan Cooper

I met this delightful lady when she did a laughter session in Brits. I will never forget it. Can't wait to see how she goes on to bless many more. THE JOY OF THE LORD IS MY STRENGTH. ~ Angela Hofmeyr

It gives me great pleasure to recommend Sue and her laughter therapy. I experienced this first hand when she came to address our Senior Members at Bryanston Methodist Church while I was employed as Lay Pastor to them. Her passion and enthusiasm soon had us all smiling and participating, and we came away uplifted and inspired. God bless you in your ministry Sue! ~ Lesley Roberts

The joy of the Lord is your strength.

Nehemiah 8:10


The video for this E-Course was filmed at JAM International - and I want to extend my thanks to them for this. Some of the proceeds of the course will be donated to this wonderful organisation.


JAM International has been at the forefront of the war against hunger since 1984, when founder, Peter Pretorius, was left stranded in Mozambique. There he witnessed the horrific consequences of starvation, with children dying around him every day. Together with his wife Ann, they resolved to commit their futures to contributing towards the eradication of hunger in Africa.


JAM, with all their amazing sponsors, is providing solutions for the ongoing malnutrition crisis and the water crisis in Africa. They are feeding over one million children every day and, to date, have provided over 2500 wells.

Please click on this logo
and lend your support!

There's an expression that if you change your thoughts you'll change your world. In a world so fraught with political, economic, and environmental tensions, it's no surprise that any message that helps us get (and thereafter maintain) a more positive outlook is a welcome one! Enter Sue Jameson and her E-Course on Joy. Sue truly is an anointed 'joy-ambassador'; just being around her will leave a person feeling lighter. She exemplifies living joyfully, and can help you do the same. Alexia Oosthuizen



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* Registration will be confirmed on receipt of payment.


* The four video sessions, sent weekly, are around 22-26 minutes in length and you can work through them at your own pace. The videos and

   worksheets will remain available to you to catch up at any time.

* Worksheets to download for each video session (plus a bonus Worksheet) have Scripture references, quotes, place for making notes, activations

   and inspiration.

* Daily Cheermails - for 30 days you will receive daily emails to encourage and inspire you... and help you to laugh.

* Laughter CD - over 30 minutes of laughter (19 tracks) will help you take your medicine!

* Live Online Individual Laughter Sessions are for 30 minutes each. Times will be scheduled to suit different time zones and will take place

   via conference call or Skype.

* Ongoing individual or group laughter coaching sessions are subject to availability (prices on request). The 25% discount will apply only to those

   who have done the E-Course first.

* You will receive notification when the next E-Course is available, and 'The Transforming Power of Joy and Laughter' book is published.

* If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the course, you can request, and will receive a full refund.

In case you need a little more motivation : clips from the E-Course videos...

Consider it pure joy... whenever you face trials of many kinds...

James 1:2

Sue Jameson came to do a session at my workshop Smart Teens where she demonstrated how to laugh your way out of stress giving our teens options to cope with life in this day in age. Thank you Sue for skilling our teens. ~ Madine Tyson

The contents of this E-Course, including the video and worksheets are protected under copyright and other

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Thank you for your support and understanding.


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