DLP Study - Witrand Psychiatric Hospital

Staff Training and Study...

A project amongst staff at Witrand Psychiatric Hospital in Potchefstroom, using the Dynamic Living Programme, resulted in significant improvements for workers, patients and the organisation.


Approximately 100 member of staff were trained over a number of days, most of them from the Protective Unit which deals with the most difficult and dangerous patients. They, in turn, introduced the DLP tools and laughter, to the patients.


This is some of the feedback from supervisors and staff...


  • Staff are now motivated.

  • Staff are more cooperative and supportive.

  • Patients behaviour has improved.

  • Patients are less aggressive.

  • Staff attitudes, relationships and teamwork have all improved.


The following charts show the study results, of the impact of the DLP Training on the staff, comparing a baseline questionaire with follow up monitoring 50 days after initial training. You will see a dramatic increase in their ability to handle stress, great improvement in their work life and happiness levels, and significant impact on their lives from the 'Foundations for Joy' module.

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